Saturday, October 1, 2011


Yes, it is October. I managed to do at least one thing that I really wanted to do last month. Boy, NaSewMo was a complete fail for me this year. I just had too many non-sewing things going on. Partnered with the other smaller item sewing obligations I had, it was just impossible for me.
Yay, I finished Dulcie's quilt top--which is one good step in the right direction! There are just over 50 prints in the background. I wish I had used more. Luckily, the eye tends to follow the diagonal line instead of moving up and down. I finished this on the 29th. It was a complete skin-of-my-teeth photo finish to squeeze it into September at all. Not all the seams match, but it doesn't really matter. My girl loves it, and so do I :)