Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabric Fairy Pays a Visit

Today I received some bits and pieces from a friend I made on Flickr. I'm so lucky :D These little bits have really helped me decided on a fabric or two (both which ones to leave out and which ones to leave in).
I really wish I had a local quilt shop. The nearest one to me is over an hour away, which might as well be on the moon. I can't tell you how many times I buy fabric and it isn't quite what I wanted, but I have to live with the choice. I was very surprised to see that the brown in the Plume range was more of a chocolate brown (a noticeable reddish tint to the brown). When paired with the light lime/grass green it's completely mint chocolate. I wish I would have gotten this mailer BEFORE I ordered a half yard each of the green, brown, and green/brown keys (there was an awesome sale and I didn't want to risk it). I am still going to order the green swan print, though.

So far the green/brown colorway matches from the Flutterby range works really well with the Full Moon Forest range. I tried some Neptune in it, and the Algae is okay. I did like the Plume print with the pink feathers. It adds some nice interest and pops beautifully. I think I might purchase some droplets in olive from FMF to continue the effect.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wrapping Up the Week

It may seem premature, but since I am going out of town this package is the last I will receive ;D I couldn't resist the latest BlowOut sale that had. I picked up a few things, unsure really how I would like them--but at 2.49 a yard I felt bold enough to try. One of the things I picked up was some Tina Givens. I have admired it on the internet, but I never thought her designs were really my style. That was until I got a few prints in my hot little hands ;D

I finally purchased the Fairy TipToe panel I had been admiring plus 4 other prints from Treetop Fancy. I really wish that I had bought more from these lines considering the price.

I also picked up some Savon Bouquet. This was another line I wasn't completely sure about, but I think it will make a beautiful dress for my Pumpkin. Not to mention these colors match with some other pink/purple prints I've recently collected.

These last didn't photograph well at all! Between the lighting in the room, the brightness of the fabric colors, and my camera this is what I got. The red (pomegranate) is from Picnic Parade by Jenean Morrison and the blue is Matt's Tux in Sky from Flower Power. I love these fabrics, too! Have I mentioned I wish I'd bought more fabric? Because I really do ;D

Monday, July 26, 2010


Today was as awesome as I dreamt it would be--at least when it came to the mail delivery! I had to be especially careful when cutting open my packages, since I was shaking with anticipation. The whole time I was opening them (once I realized who they were from) that old song by X:The Band kept coming into my head:

Full Moon on a Friday (Monday)/ Watch out for the

Maybe were-squirrels would be better?

I know were-trees! (Would that make it a Dryad?)

I'm so happy! And the thing is, I have MORE yardage coming for Full Moon Forest. That's just something that makes a person want to jump for joy. At least it makes me want to jump for joy ;D The blue and purple bunnies are courtesy of a swap with Lucia, and the rest were from random online quilt shops. I'm walking on sunshine right now :D But now I can't wait to get the rest

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tossing Around Ideas

It's Sunday and I still haven't started a weekend project! Yesterday completely escaped me, and I'm not quite sure how it happened. I guess I spent more time playing with my darling than I thought. I still have the fabric out on my table. It's from Pop Garden & Bijoux by Heather Bailey. It needs to be pressed again, but it's ready to be made into some sort of garment.

I'm just in love with this line. I own several pieces, and I plan on owning several more. It's just so playful in coloring and concept. The problem is I can't always think of what to make with it, but I don't mind it bulking up my stash. At least that way I can just look at it every once in a while ;D

I decided to do something new. I joined a fat quarter swapping group. August will be my first round, and I'm kind of excited to see how that goes. If it doesn't go terribly awesome, no harm. I'll eventually find something I like. Maybe, I'll even try to join a quilting bee!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Idle Hands

Much to my surprise, nothing came for me in the mail today. Monday, I'm sure will be freaking amazing. I'm so excited, I can't wait for the weekend to be over. To pass my time, I am searching for a project to keep my hands--and my mind--busy for the next two days. I think I'm going to make the girl another dress. I have the fabric already on my work bench. I just need to cut it. But on the other hand, I haven't made a quilty thing since March. I did, however, make something today. I would classify it as a bittersweet sort of project though. LuluBloom, someone I am swapping some fabric with, took on a new project. I won't lie. I cried when I read the post. That's a fear of mine since I had my daughter, that either mine or my guy will get sick. So early this morning, before the mail carrier came, I whipped up a block. I used Oh! Fransson's tutorial for a wonky cross block. This was my end result:

I hope it works out well in her gift quilt. Making things for others always makes me a little neurotic, though. I must have checked and rechecked the block a dozen times before I put it in the mailer. The weirdest things make me crazy ;D

Friday, July 23, 2010

Christmas in July

That's how I always felt about my birthday. It was just a weird cosmic coincidence that many places actually have Christmas in July sales. I have been thinking about a Christmas project (on and off). Last year I bought several pieces from Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey for Moda, but I never did anything with them. Now that Fruitcake is out, I can't wait to see how/if the pieces coordinate at all.

I know I've mentioned this before: I have bad impulse control (I swear this ties back into Christmas fabric). While I was searching for some Martinique fabric to purchase I found Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas for sale (3.99 a charm pack & 3.98 a yard). Naturally, I recalled that I wanted to do a Christmas project and I conservatively (and unnecessarily) bought a charm pack and a yard of fabric! And that's what arrived today. Now I just need some white yardage, and I'm set (I'm thinking a table runner, but that's not set in stone).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This Week Has Been Awesome

I received 3 more packages today! By my calculations (and checking emails) I have 3 left. I also have one package going out for a swap for more Full Moon Forest by Tula Pink for Moda. I'm trying to plan a quilt composed of various green/brown prints from her various lines (and trying to make a twirly patchwork skirt for my daughter in the purple/pink). Thus far I have cuts from Full Moon Forest and Flutterby. I need to buy some Plume, but I am waiting for it to go on sale (well, better sale). I am totally excited for her new line Parisville for Freespirit. There's a little mouse image in the selvage. I wonder if that is going to translate to a Cinderella type feeling to her line (Cinderella is a French tale). I can hope! Though, I admit, the first thing that came to my mind was that Pixar movie, Ratatouille. Like I said, I hope. But I'm sure it will be fantastic either way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yay. This is why I love my birthday! I received another package today (a few more to go!)

The top is yardage from Soiree to pair with the jelly roll I received the other day (it was a steal at 2.98 a yard). The bottom one is just a few prints I thought were cute (nest by Valori Wells, So St. Croix, Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow, and some Kaufman print--Toyland I think).

I've already had to stop myself FIVE time from spending my remaining gift certificate. Reminding myself that the fabrics I was *going* to buy aren't necessarily...well...necessary. I tried to make a list and this is what I have so far:

Cuts in green/brown by Tula Pink from the following lines:
  • Plume, Flutterby, Full Moon Forest & possibly Nest or Neptune
The remaining Henna Garden colors I do *not* have:
  • pink, raspberry, brown, speckle, green plus extra pumpkin, citrus, & blue
Misc Yardage to Accompany JRs
  • Zippity Do Dah & Martinique
I need to think about it some more, though this is a good start.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow!

My birthday was earlier this month. My presents this year were all FABRIC! Which made me undeniably happy. I've never spent so much on fabric. Ever. I was lucky enough to get electronic giftcards so I could pick out what I wanted. I discovered something, though. I am easily overwhelmed, and throw what I *need* to the wayside in favor of XOMG A SALE! I need to make a list so I stop losing focus, but it's so easy to do! Especially since 98% of my shopping is online, I try and keep shipping costs low by trying to buy as much as possible from one shop.

Almost everything I bought is a new project, instead of buying things for existing projects. I'm sure this happens to everyone ;D But I need to buy a new storage bin for my Someday Stash (cause I'm gonna use it--Someday). I even told myself that I would take a break from buying to regain focus. That didn't work, naturally, because I got an email about a huge blowout sale! Well, while I lament my state-of-affairs, let me share what came in the mail :D

The second picture is from South Hampton from Henry Glass, third is an assortment, and the last are from Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet. I still have 4-5 packages coming (YAY). I can hardly wait. I still have 1 giftcard left. I'm trying not to waste it.

We'll see how that goes!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Here I am--Again

I'm not sure I mentioned it, but I was gone for the month of April, and when I got home; I was plum tuckered out on quilting. I just wanted to relax after jamming two quilts into one month. I decided, instead, to try and make my girl some clothes! And that's what I did (sort of) for May, June, and this lovely month of July (a dress a month). I'm a complete novice at clothing construction, but I had fun anyway ;D

This latest dress was made with Flutterby by Tula Pink for Moda (the other two feature Marie Webster's reproductions from Windham and Whimsy by Fig tree for Moda) with some Kona cotton in Earth for accent (it actually matched really well). I *really* like this line. The range is fun, but then most of Tula Pink's designs are fun, imo. I was lucky and found these prints for only 2.98 a yard. The Kona cotton came from my stash (I used it to bind my Nana's quilt).

The pattern I used was Analise by Sandi Henderson (I also bought her book, and another pattern, Claire). Let me start by saying the instructions are clear, as are the pictures, which make this pattern easy for a beginner (like me :D) And even though this was the third time I'd made this dress, it didn't stop me from making some rookie mistakes--like sewing the strap into the seam for the armpit. Nothing a seamripper and patience couldn't fix, though.

I love that this dress is so easy (usually) to construct. It takes me 2-3 days (or sometimes more) to complete only because I have a small child. Anyone else would probably complete it in a day (if the fabric was already prepped and ready), or a weekend, easy. I love how it turned out, too. I added some flare and tacked on a ruffle to the hem. My girl is tall for her age (she isn't even 2 yet and she's a little over half my height) so it was a nice way to add some length to the skirt. I already have my fabric prepped for the next dress, now I just need to find the time! I want to finish it before August, though. It's always nice to have a deadline to work with ;D