Monday, July 26, 2010


Today was as awesome as I dreamt it would be--at least when it came to the mail delivery! I had to be especially careful when cutting open my packages, since I was shaking with anticipation. The whole time I was opening them (once I realized who they were from) that old song by X:The Band kept coming into my head:

Full Moon on a Friday (Monday)/ Watch out for the

Maybe were-squirrels would be better?

I know were-trees! (Would that make it a Dryad?)

I'm so happy! And the thing is, I have MORE yardage coming for Full Moon Forest. That's just something that makes a person want to jump for joy. At least it makes me want to jump for joy ;D The blue and purple bunnies are courtesy of a swap with Lucia, and the rest were from random online quilt shops. I'm walking on sunshine right now :D But now I can't wait to get the rest

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