Monday, July 19, 2010

Here I am--Again

I'm not sure I mentioned it, but I was gone for the month of April, and when I got home; I was plum tuckered out on quilting. I just wanted to relax after jamming two quilts into one month. I decided, instead, to try and make my girl some clothes! And that's what I did (sort of) for May, June, and this lovely month of July (a dress a month). I'm a complete novice at clothing construction, but I had fun anyway ;D

This latest dress was made with Flutterby by Tula Pink for Moda (the other two feature Marie Webster's reproductions from Windham and Whimsy by Fig tree for Moda) with some Kona cotton in Earth for accent (it actually matched really well). I *really* like this line. The range is fun, but then most of Tula Pink's designs are fun, imo. I was lucky and found these prints for only 2.98 a yard. The Kona cotton came from my stash (I used it to bind my Nana's quilt).

The pattern I used was Analise by Sandi Henderson (I also bought her book, and another pattern, Claire). Let me start by saying the instructions are clear, as are the pictures, which make this pattern easy for a beginner (like me :D) And even though this was the third time I'd made this dress, it didn't stop me from making some rookie mistakes--like sewing the strap into the seam for the armpit. Nothing a seamripper and patience couldn't fix, though.

I love that this dress is so easy (usually) to construct. It takes me 2-3 days (or sometimes more) to complete only because I have a small child. Anyone else would probably complete it in a day (if the fabric was already prepped and ready), or a weekend, easy. I love how it turned out, too. I added some flare and tacked on a ruffle to the hem. My girl is tall for her age (she isn't even 2 yet and she's a little over half my height) so it was a nice way to add some length to the skirt. I already have my fabric prepped for the next dress, now I just need to find the time! I want to finish it before August, though. It's always nice to have a deadline to work with ;D

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