Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow!

My birthday was earlier this month. My presents this year were all FABRIC! Which made me undeniably happy. I've never spent so much on fabric. Ever. I was lucky enough to get electronic giftcards so I could pick out what I wanted. I discovered something, though. I am easily overwhelmed, and throw what I *need* to the wayside in favor of XOMG A SALE! I need to make a list so I stop losing focus, but it's so easy to do! Especially since 98% of my shopping is online, I try and keep shipping costs low by trying to buy as much as possible from one shop.

Almost everything I bought is a new project, instead of buying things for existing projects. I'm sure this happens to everyone ;D But I need to buy a new storage bin for my Someday Stash (cause I'm gonna use it--Someday). I even told myself that I would take a break from buying to regain focus. That didn't work, naturally, because I got an email about a huge blowout sale! Well, while I lament my state-of-affairs, let me share what came in the mail :D

The second picture is from South Hampton from Henry Glass, third is an assortment, and the last are from Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet. I still have 4-5 packages coming (YAY). I can hardly wait. I still have 1 giftcard left. I'm trying not to waste it.

We'll see how that goes!

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