Monday, September 5, 2011

NaSewMo - Week 1

I finished sewing my do.Good stitches blocks today.I had to remake one of the blocks because when I measured it today, it was nearly a .25" shy on one side. I also started on my Hive 21 blocks for 3x6. I did one practice block and it was a failure. Well, not complete failure. I just forgot to change a fabric placement and so it didn't work like it should have. And with it laid out, it wasn't quite what I wanted--even if the colors had been in the right places.

I have a small, but growing, collection of blocks that don't belong to anything. Either they were the wrong size and had to be cut down, or they just weren't what I wanted. Here is a sample of the most recent additions:I decided today that I'm going to cobble them all together and make a truly scrappy patchwork. I don't know how long it will take to save up enough pieces. I know I have a few more blocks hidden away. Or I might just use this selection as a base. I'm finding I really like the bright aqua/teal, pink, yellow, green combination.

I know I probably should have started NaSewMo's first week *last* week since the 1-3rd was then, but I had too many things going on with the power coming back on the evening of the 1st and what not. I'm still boggling of the sheer amount of laundry my little family managed to produce in 5-6 days. I never noticed before since I wash a load sometimes every day to keep the DH in clean scrubs. Now that I'm more (or less) caught up on household obligations, I find my eyes turning toward the sewing machine. It is my goal to complete my daughter's quilt top. I am still divided on the thread situation, so I won't be quilting it just yet. Not that it matters since I have 2 other quilt tops ready to have that treatment already.

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