Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rope Ends

Only 2 more days until my trip! I'm coming down to the wire on having everything situated for it. I still need to locate the DD's birth certificate. Something I'll definitely do tonight. We bought the last few things I thought we might need for the flight last night--M&Ms. Seriously, I worry more about the travel than the vacation. It's always puzzle figuring out how to keep the girl entertained for the 3-4 hours it will take to get to Alabama. It was easier when she was tiny. She would just pass out and sleep the whole flight once the cabin became pressurized, LOL!

Yesterday, I wrapped up my A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate Swap--but I missed the mail man this morning! The last few weeks he'd been coming at 3p and today he came in the morning :/ Tomorrow is a new day ;) As long as it gets out and on it's way before I leave I'll be happy.

Though, I can give a hint of what I was working on:
I completely loved what I was working on. In fact, I want to use the same design and technique to make a cover/pouch for my Nook :) I think it was very successful. I think I'll make it tonight!

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