Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ticking Down

My trip to Alabama is quickly approaching. I leave next Saturday! I'm excited and nervous--mostly because I have half a million things left to do around the house. And I'm in two swaps for this month :x I finally got some inspiration for MRSA 2. I decided to combine several attributes from my partner's favorites into one item. Hopefully, she'll like it. I think she should since it has elements from works she liked. Anyhow here's what my work table looked like yesterday:

We aren't supposed to mail before the 15th. I'm going to have to take it with me to Alabama and mail it there. I don't trust the DH to remember, LOL! A happy secondary event: I received my fabric order from Banberry. I'm so excited. Their sale was quite awesome for Memorial day and I was able to snatch up some appropriate fabric for the backing of my 3x6 Bee quilt. Granted, I still need 1-2 more quarters before I can put it all together, but I'm covered for the backing, LOL. It was a steal at 2.95 a yard! I couldn't pass it up.
So, yes, a very productive and happy day :D


  1. Hi! It's Michelle! I just got my mug rug and I LOVE it!!! It's sooooo awesome! Thanks sooo much and thank your daughter for adding her touch to the card! It makes it extra special!!