Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prince of Paris

I can now finish my Tula Pink "Into the Woods" quilt top. I had been holding out on buying Parisville once I read that she had another line, Prince Charming, coming out for the spring/summer. A line that was recently released, so I bought the pieces I needed from both lines! This is also my first exposure to Tula's work for Free spirit in person (Prince Charming on the left and Parisville on the right).

To be honest, I'm mixed. I only picked up 3 prints from Parisville, so I can't compare colorways. The ones I did receive seem dull and not so crisp. Like there's no depth to the design. In my opinion, they seem flat--especially the filigree which I bought in yellow and green.

Now, I bought pieces from two colorways from Prince Charming. Honestly, it's almost like Free Spirit asked Tula Pink for a Neptune of their own. I mean Neptune is wildly popular. I would hazard to say it is her most beloved range from her time with Moda. Do I mind? Not at all, I am twitterpated. I love Prince Charming. Except one thing:

I find the olive colorway ( from which I bought 4 prints) has the same muddy, lack of depth/crispness that the pieces I bought from Parisville had--again in my opinion. I do love the honeycomb print. Out of the 4 I bought, I think that it's the best looking. I was disappointed in the froggies being such a great fan of her Owls and Bunnies (Full Moon Forest & Hushabye). My second most liked print is the snail print which reminds me happily of Flutterby (another favorite Tula Pink line).

I also bought pieces of Prince Charming from the aqua/coral colorway, and OH MY the difference. The pieces are crisp and beautiful. I fawned all over them and I am most definitely going to by at least 2 more prints from that colorway to accompany my aqua/coral pieces of Neptune. They coordinate beautifully. When I see them all together I want to go swimming and hang out at the beach.

My opinion of the olive colorway makes me hesitant to purchase pieces from the two other colorways. I may just hold out until later in the year when the range starts to go on sale. Now I just need to focus on finishing my Tula quilt before her next line is announced, LOL!


  1. Good to hear your review! I am trying my hardest to avoid buying any Prince Charming, but seeing what you have paired with Neptune, I am very much tempted! I have just a handful of Neptune prints in the pink/aqua colors, so it's nice to see how well they play together. Looking forward to seeing your into the woods quilt!

  2. If you like the aqua/coral range from Neptune I definitely recommend the Prince Charming (at least the 3 I bought, I think I'm going to get the drops and the coral snails, too, to round it out. I'm not too sure about the Dandelion in coral or the froggies :/)