Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fluff & Flounce

I did it! I finished my first dress of the week :D
Ignore the chocolate milk and lipstick mess on her face ;D I started off using this tutorial from Sew. Craft. Create. for the 3 hour dress. To be painfully honest, I couldn't follow it. I read and re-read it, but the tutorial only confused me. But I really liked the look of the dress so I just threw it all to the wind and just tried to make a similar dress. I think I was somewhat successful in making an homage dress. And I finally used my Heather Bailey fabric. This is definitely a dress that one doesn't look too closely at ;D I think I worked out some of the kinks, and I'm going to try it again with this fabric:I bought this last summer to make another Analise dress. I'm going to try my new homage styled dress, instead. I have it waiting on my ironing board for cutting. I'm hoping to have this done by tomorrow afternoon :D We'll see. Oh! And I joined another Flickr swap-type group:

I'm really excited :) I have had a really good experience so far with the 3x6 mini bee, so I wanted to expand my horizons a little. It's a small project so I should have it done before I leave to visit my parents in June (I sure hope so, I mean I have like a month to finish it! LOL)

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