Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hum Drum

Nearly a week, and I've not had anything to say. I haven't had anything to sew, either. It was nice to take the break after making those dresses. I drug out my Tula fabric for my "Into the Woods" quilt. I decided I didn't want to have sashing, so now I need to make manymany more blocks. I suppose that's for the best since I want to incorporate Prince Charming and that range hasn't been released yet. It will also give me some time to pick up some Parisville. There are only 2 prints I have considered adding to the quilt. I think most of the prints are too multicolored to mesh well with the general feeling of the design.

I'm really anxious for the MRSA 2 to start. It's just shy of 3 weeks until my trip and I'll be gone for nearly a month. I'll have to work on it right away to ensure that it is in the mail before I leave on the 11th. I hope that gives me enough time to adequately stalk my partner ;)

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