Monday, May 9, 2011

Lovely Afternoon and other things

Mother's Day was just that--a lovely afternoon. We went to Weir Farm and had a picnic. It was me, the girl, MIL and SIL. All girls. It was really fun. It was a shame that there was so much poison oak, though! It was like they were cultivating it, LOL! For all that, it is still very lovely.

The Weir Farm is a National Park, and they support the arts. They provide these bags of art supplies for the visitors to use free of charge. So we indulged and made a painting for Daddy since he had to work.
Though, my baby did get tangled in the remains of a dry briar, and scratched up her legs something awful :( She didn't seem to mind as much as I did. As she said 'I'm having an adventure." And she was.

As for other things: There is a wonderful giveaway over at Leona's Quilting Adventure. A baby Go! cutter and a few dies are up for grabs. A fabulous giveaway, if I may say so. I admit to admiring that little gadget. I am not always *cough* accurate in my cutting. And it can be a little tedious (if not repetitive). It certainly is appealing to have something that will do all that work for me with accuracy ;) If you are anything like me, you should go over and try to get it, too!

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