Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pookie Flowers

My daughter calls most wild flowers "pookie flowers". Dandelions that have gone to seed are "pookie heads". Wood violets are "pookie violets". After I finished her dress today, she wanted to go outside, so it was a perfect opportunity for pictures!
This lucky lady is modeling dress #4. Just one more and I've reached the high end of my goal for this week! Then I realized something. I'd run out of washed fabric! So after some careful deliberation, I decided on some Miss Modd.
I'm going to tackle a shirred/smocked sundress next. I haven't tried this technique before. I'm a tiny bit scared, but hopeful. I have my fingers crossed and the fabric in the wash. My hope is to get this done today and be a head of schedule by a day (tomorrow is the last day!). Now if only little miss will cooperate ;)

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