Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I was busy all day yesterday doing the regular-type of thing--like grocery shopping and what not. I didn't get a chance to start my third dress (the Analise dress). I did however have plenty of opportunity to make a rookie mistake. Which one, you might be asking yourself. This one:

Between several swaps and all the fabric arriving from my retail therapy, I neglected to put away any fabric. In fact, if you go back a few days you'll see the mess my work space was. Well imagine several more yards. Enough that the DH noticed.

Like I said, rookie mistake ;D

Usually I spirit my lovelies away, and hide them from sight. You know, so he only sees what ever project I am currently working on. Last night, after he went to work, I tucked most of it away. No reason for him to continue to think about it, right?

Today, on the other hand, was far more productive. I cut and finished half of the dress. I just need to construct the skirt (more gathering, hip-hip-huzzah). I really like how it's looking. I had a different fabric from the Flower Power range for the straps, but I had a moment of intense greed and couldn't be bribed to use it. Instead I substituted another fabric from my stash. One I know nothing about, except that it isn't the same quality.
It's only the straps. I feel confident that it won't matter in the long run. I made it a size 3T since my girl is 2.5 and in-between sizes. I want her to be able to wear this all summer. I forgot how much I loved this pattern. I haven't used it since Christmas last year when I made Lyra one as a present. I can totally see me making another one sometime this week :)

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