Saturday, April 30, 2011

Retail Therapy

We've been potty training--learning--what-have-you my daughter. As you all can imagine (or even know), at some point, it gets shocking and a little, yes, disgusting. After a particularly messy day that left both her and I completely traumatized, I decided I needed some serious compensation for all my hard work.
And the happy thing is this: there are more packages coming! This is just the first wave. Monday will be glorious. Since I bought so much fabric, I need to do something with the stuff I already own. I went through and washed (or re-washed) the fabric dogeared for clothing. My goal is to make several dresses between now and Friday. I want at least 4-5 dresses completed. If only to prove to myself that I can. I even started already. Someone might remember these lovelies:And I only say that because I promised myself back in JULY that I would make my daughter a dress out of this. At least I managed to do it before the year anniversary, LOL!

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