Friday, April 22, 2011

Prince Charming

Tula Pink put a sneak peak up on her facebook a few days ago. I scoped on it the day she did, and I was instantly in love. To me, Prince Charming is more like her Moda works than Parisville. I just couldn't really get into Parisville. Even though I admired some prints, I still haven't bought (or swapped for) any of them. I probably won't get any until it's on clearance (I do like the tonal lacey/foliage print). Prince Charming on the other hand? OMG I want. I lust for. And now I'm coming to the realization that my 'Into the Woods' quilt just won't be complete until it has some Prince Charming in it. I already went and bought some more Nest to go in it (green nest/egg & some green tracks). Seeing the green froggies makes me realize I absolutely HAVE to get some green owls. So far I have the following Tula Pink lines represented in my quilt:

Full Moon Forest, Flutterby, Nest, Neptune, & Hushabye

I am only missing her newest ranges. This line is debuting at Market, but I wonder when the release date is? Maybe I should just buy a FQ of some Parisville while I wait.

This quilt will NEVER been done, LOL.

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