Thursday, April 21, 2011


Oh, this was an adventure. This is the first pattern I've done from ModKids/Patty Young. As with any new pattern, there's a learning curve. I found one or two parts of the instructions a little awkward. As in I had to contemplate them for a few minutes before I could begin to visualize what exactly was intended. I think the pattern could do with clearer pictures, but from what I've seen; I think this pattern has been reprinted so maybe the newest printing of it does.

Naturally, though, none of my mistakes had anything to do with muddled instructions, LOL. They had everything to do with me forgetting parts of the instructions or being inattentive (by the way, I'm not done with the dress yet. I should finish tomorrow).

My first mistake:
I decided to do short sleeves. And then I forgot to flip the pattern and made two of the same side. Oops. It was easily remedied though since I made the short sleeve. If it had been the long? OMG I probably would have cried.

Okay, tangent time. When I bought this pattern I went looking for yardage requirements so that I could order the pattern and the fabric at the same time and reduce on shipping. I found a place (I think a seller on Etsy) that listed the requirements as being 2/3 for the bodice and (2) half yard cuts for the skirt for the view B (aka the dress version). Let me say that 2/3 yard isn't enough yardage for the bodice with long sleeves. And the back of the pattern is misleading. For 2T view B the materials are listed as being 1 yard and and optional 3/8 yard for the lining. The instructions *inside* the pattern clearly say to cut 6 strips (3 from each fabric design), but the material list doesn't reflect the need for 2 half yard cuts. The pattern piece for the long sleeve measures ~11.5 inches for 2T. After cutting the 2 sleeves (lets say with a half inch buffer from the top and between pattern pieces), there are only 12 inches left (11.5+11.5+1-36). The length of the strips for the 2T is 14 inches. So I am thankful, at least, that the seller had it noted that you needed 2 additional half yards.

On to my next mistake? Sure, why not!You may or may not be able to see, but I sewed the skirt to itself while I was topstitching. Luckily, I caught it after a few inches, LOL! It was pretty late when I did this, and it was signal that I *really* should go to sleep instead of sew. I just wanted to make sure this project was done in time for Easter. I ended tonight with finishing the skirt construction. I just need to gather it and attach it to the bodice. I already made the obi sash. I started with it to get it out of the way.

Okay, another complaint. After I removed the selvedge, the pattern for the obi was longer than the folded fabric. I was very conservative when I removed the selvedge, too. I remedied this by shortening the sash. I tried it on Dulcie, and it still fit fine. Thank goodness :D Overall, I would make this pattern again. I'm a confident beginner and I felt it fit with my level of sewing. Now that I've made it once, I know the second time will be easier. And I will make sure to buy adequate amounts of fabric, too ;)

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