Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rainy Days and Easter Eggs

Tomorrow's Easter and it's RAINING very hard in my region of the world. My mind is scrambling because this means no outside Easter egg hunt! Last year, my daughter didn't get it at all. Why couldn't it have rained last year, instead? This year, she gets everything. Halloween was awesome. Christmas memorable. But Easter? I am at least hoping that the rain stops sometime this afternoon, and maybe the ground will dry enough for her to dash around in her sneakers. Though, I really don't want her running around in this:
Once I got her in the dress, she wouldn't take it off yesterday. All very good signs that she likes it ;) I'm glad. Thankfully, with the sash on my mistakes are camouflaged. After I'd gathered the skirt, I tried to re distribute the panels in the back and the thread seized! So one plaid panel is large, the strawberry panel is off centered, and the last plaid panel on the back is too gathered. I was too tired to take the threads out (a third time since I had my first 2 sets BREAK mid-gather) and do it again.

I really hate gathering, LOL!

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