Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Day Out

Even though it's a rainy day, we ended up going to the zoo. It made my daughter very happy. She didn't mind the drizzle. She even went on the carousel (even if she did freak out just before the ride started). Afterward, we went out to eat, and since we happened to be in the area; I some how managed to talk the DH into taking me into Joann's. You'd have thought the man was in prison how he went on!

Let me start with this: I'm not a huge Denyse Schmidt fan. I think she does do a good job with reproduction type fabrics, though. I liked County Fair okay and liked 1-2 prints from Katie Jump Rope and Hope Valley. I don't like a thing from her other line, Greenfield Hill. Her latest line for Joann's (DS Quilts I believe is the label or something like that) has been a recent posting point on blogs and flickr. Since I had a 50% off coupon, I thought I'd take a peak.
My Joann's has 15-16 of the prints (I think there are 20 total). I'm not surprised since I think this Joann's is the closest to Denyse Schmidt's studio in Bridgeport. I really liked looking at what they had, I just couldn't really see myself making anything with it. That's been a reoccurring problem with me and her designs. In person, I just didn't *love* it. I did, however, find a warm spot for some of the blue/green range and picked up some quarter yard cuts along with some AH Farmdale that was on sale (enough to make my DD a new dress).

Maybe I should have bought more, if only so I could swap it on Flickr. I did like the red/blue range. The blue is a nice denim sort of blue with a dark red. I don't know, like I said: I just didn't love it.

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