Sunday, February 28, 2010

Puttering Along

March=Quilting Madness for me. I know I've mentioned it. To try and make it all work I knew I'd have to get some serious work done these last few days of February. I'm happy to say that I managed to finish the blocks for Lyra's quilt today! I also managed to start Jason's quilt. I decided against the stacked coin and went with a disappearing 9-patch.

I'm using some of the left over yardage from Lyra's quilt and 5 Neptune charm packs as well as a yard from Neptune. I think it was the storm damask. Not sure. Well, I will use 5 charm packs. Right now I've only broken into 1 ;) The one thing that is going to hurt my progress is that I'm waiting on an order of more Kona cotton! In order to keep things moving, I'll need to stitch up Lyra's quilt--which wasn't the plan originally. Initially, I was going to do all the blocks for both quilts first, and then put each quilt together, and then quilt and bind. It won't hurt to get Lyra's done all the way first. It just wasn't the plan. As long as I keep working, it will be okay ;)

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