Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Crafty Christmas [1]

It's that time of year again--time to take out the project list and try to make it all in time for Christmas. I got a nice jump start during NaSewMo with my Lawn Chair quilt. The last two days brought a new jolt of life into the project.

See, I've been trying desperately to decide what to make for my sister. She's getting ready to move into a new house, and I know she's already accumulated a good bit of Fiestaware in anticipation of having a new kitchen. Out with the old and in with the new, ya know? I also know that she likes the Mexicana Cocina look (omgosh, my sister and BIL are much better latinos than I am ;x).

I decided to make her something for the kitchen. They both drink coffee and tea which led me to making mug rugs! This is a first for me. I had a time with the applying binding (still in progress though. I've only attached it, not like sewn it on-on), but it worked out. I also had a time with some wonkiness, but I thought that lent a certain element of charm and homeyness to it. And since my sister is going with the Fiestaware, I figured that I could go with some brightness. Originally, I had pulled Urban Chiks' Blossom from Moda. It looked great against the Kona Stone, but I wasn't sold that my sister would like it--or that it would match her decor.
I made my own judgment that my sister wouldn't have more than 4 people drinking coffee or tea at one time. Her eldest is 13, and I guess he *could* drink hot cocoa, but I doubt it. I also wanted it to be a cohesive set, so I used the same fabric in all four pieces. And I hope the design elements flow. I think they do, but that's my opinion ;D The background color is Kona Stone, and I think I am IN LOVE with it.

I ended up doing A LOT of trimming. The finished squares are mostly 1 inch. Mostly. Sewing with small squares is tricky. A little off and WOW. Sometimes I went back and tore out my stitches, but (obviously) sometimes I didn't. I like the wonkyness in the very basic quilting. And with most things, it looks much better in person ;D

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