Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interesting Stuff!

It's been a slow week for me (well, over a week, but you get the drift). I have some fabric coming in, and when it arrives, I will post pics. I haven't been sewing, but I should. Christmas is creeping up and I need to be ready for it ;D

I found a great giveaway today while just clicking around the internet (I actually can't recall how I found this giveaway. I follow a lot of tutorial links, and there you go ;D). It's from Sheree's Alchemy and it's for some awesome looking scraps! I love scrappy things, so this immediately got my attention. If you like scraps, you should think about joining in, too! The giveaway lasts on her blog until November 10th, and there are several ways to enter. I know I've got my fingers crossed ;D

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