Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Crafty Christmas [3]

I've had a pretty lazy couple of days. I managed to read 3 books and start a fourth. It felt great :D But reality started to set in (especially when I looked at the explosion that is my craft table) and I went to the craft store yesterday to start on another Christmas project. I finished Lyra's dress the same day that I hoped to (the 11th) and I need to buy a new thimble before I finish up the mug rugs (or apply the binding to Car and Tom's quilt). That left me with my Mom's present: A silhouette of my baby girl.
As you can see, I started yesterday. I sanded and painted the frame last night as well as made the stencil for the silhouette. I didn't want to use plain white fabric, so I used a FQ of Sultry by Basic Grey for Moda that I had lying around. I can't finish this project today. I want to add some stitchery elements (outline the silhouette and add her name and age) before framing.

The craft store was pretty wiped out when it came to colors for fabric paint. I wanted a green to coordinate with the frame color choice (my mom uses a lot of olive green and jewel tones), but they only had browns, yellows, black, and a blue. I guess I could have purchased several colors and tried to custom mix the colors, but I didn't. Christmas is on a budget this year, and unfortunately I didn't fit several bottles into the budget, so black it was. The frame is something I picked up for a few dollars at a tag sale two months ago.

I used two tutes for reference for this project: the one at Ucreate and another one that I can't find for the life of me. If I ever find it, I'll edit to add it.

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