Monday, December 6, 2010

My Crafty Christmas [5]

I've been trying to decide what *else* I should make for my sister and BIL. I decided on another home element, since that can be a combo gift. They LOVE Christmas. It's a huge thing for them. They both adore everything about Christmas, and having 3 children of varying ages (18 mo, 5, and 13) I'm sure adds to the excitement. After much thought and exploration, I decided on an advent calender. I'm using a tutorial/pattern from AllSorts, but with minor variations (as is to be expected, I'm sure, lol).
I've been trying to make things with what I have. Though I think the all white and red version of this is gorgeous, I only had red and green wool/acrylic-blend felt available to me (I had a fat quarter of each color, which was just enough to make 24 pockets!). I've been working on constructing these pockets at night when my daughter is asleep. I took these pictures yesterday morning, but last night I was able to number the first 8 pockets. I'm hoping to be done with these by Wednesday.

Even though I own felt, this is the first time I actually *made* something with it. I bought a bunch of fat quarters on sale with the idea I might use them one day. My stitching isn't the best for a couple of them. It took a few before I got into a rhythm with them. I still like how they look. There is something charming about something that looks a little rustic (*cough* read as homemade looking*cough*). I'm thinking of using some red gingham fabric as the sash the pockets hang from, but I'm not sure. I might end up using some plain white muslin, instead. I think it will depend on how busy these pockets look next to each other alternating in color. I want it to look fun and Christmas-y, not make people want to scratch their eyes out when they look at them ;D

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