Monday, December 13, 2010

SMS - Giveaway Day (Week)

For the longest time I didn't participate in giveaways. I don't know why. Just a mental block. I think I just figured that if I wanted something enough...I'd just buy it. That was until I got deep into fabric and started drowning in it like any other addict LOL (can I get a fix, plsthnx)

I just started recently entering into giveaways, and Sew, Mama, Sew! is having a HUGE one. Apparently, they do this twice a year where they coordinate a huge event. This time around, I am taking part. It's so exciting! LOL.

One of the blogs I came across in my frenzied-giveaway-entering is Renovating Our Foursquare and they are giving away 2 yards of AMH fabric. 2 yards! That's an excellent amount to make a garment out a dress for Dulcie :D Or to horde under my bed like I do with my other Preciouses (I do feel like Golem of LotR fame when I talk about fabric.)

Another is the blog for Sweet Pea Fabrics on Etsy. I actually have purchased fabric from them before, and it was a great experience. I never noticed that they had a blog, though. I was tickled to see that they are participating in the giveaway as well! They're giving away 2 - 25 dollar gift certificates! Truly an exciting thing to try and win.

I'm realistic about this giveaway thing. I don't really expect to win anything, but if I did--that would be super sweet; wouldn't it?

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