Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Crafty Christmas [7]

My nephy is 13 going on 14 next month. There aren't many things I can make a boy in that age group. Not anything he'd really want, anyway, LOL! When he's older, like going off to college, he might appreciate a quilt, but not at 13. So I bought him a gift card, but I didn't want his gift to be impersonal. Everyone else is getting something made with my two hands, he deserves something, too. So I decided to make him a Christmas gift monster (for lack of anything better to call it, and since I don't actually [and never have] shopped at Anthropologie) by loosely following this tutorial from White Waxflower
My teeth are felt, and didn't really turn out like hers. But she didn't really say how she made her monster teeth (or what material they were made from). As I was sewing, my teeth shifted downward which left only the tiptops visible. I decided to leave it as is. Since I machine sewed this monster, I didn't really follow her directions. Since I used a machine, all I had to do was make/stuff the arms and layer it all together with the arms in against the belly and voila! It was done ;D Only one pass around the machine with a space left for turning at the bottom. I then top stitched that opening closed, but then used floss to make the bottom look more...homey (so that element is purely decorative). Oh, yeah, I did stuff and add the eyes before I closed it up ;D

I thought this was fun, and I wouldn't have thought to do this sort of project on my own. I used scraps from various projects that felt more boy-ish. This also brought to the front that I have very few gender neutral or masculine fabric selections in my stash. The arm backs are more of that red/brown/green Andalucia fabric that you see in the head/main body. When I was making this, I rediscovered how much I like that snail print by Tula Pink :D I will have to buy more before it's all gone!

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