Friday, December 17, 2010

My Crafty Christmas [9]

Originally I was going to make my nephy boxers because he needed underwear. I bought the pdf Louey pattern from Sis Boom, but I had no opportunity to purchase the necessary elastic (it requires 1.25 sport elastic or lingerie elastic, the place I went to buy it had neither on hand. Just empty pegs.). So I bought him some, but I didn't feel like that was enough. If I'd made him three pair, all the effort that goes into construction would make it a more substantial gift (at least in my opinion.). I finally decided to make him a fabric memory game (he's 5).

I made 8 fabric pairs, which is 16 tiles and a nice 4x4 grid. I originally made 18 pairs. The finishing just wasn't working out like I had envisioned ( basically I accidentally cut 2 pair too small! Yikes.) So 8 pairs it was ;D I'll use the rest for my Dulcie. I went with a ROYGBIV theme for the most part. Except I substituted the HR kelp for the Tula Pink snails.

And since I couldn't very well give them to him loose, I made a little lined zippered pouch. I made a patchwork detail on the back of the bag using a few of the fabrics that are actually in his set. I also painted the word 'memory' on the front with black Tulip fabric paint using the freezer paper method.
I hope he likes them. If he doesn't, maybe his 18 mo old sister will ;D

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