Thursday, March 17, 2011


I pulled out some of the things I bought when I broke my Fabric Fast (Yes, it deserves to be capitalized. Maybe even bolded, too. I think it's harder than an actual food diet.). While doing so I realized that I needed to completely update my stash pics for my flikr. While it can seem strange to photograph all the fabric I have, it's really a necessity. I do 90% of my fabric shopping online. I need a reference so that I don't purchase the same thing twice, lol! Not to mention that it helps me to remember what pieces I am missing from various lists of 'omgosh-I-have-to-have-this!'.

Needless to say, it's going to take all of an afternoon--preferably one when the DH isn't around. I made tentative plans to do it tomorrow. But, I did take a picture of some of what I bought. I couldn't resist. There was a huge sale and the charm packs were only 3.50-4.00 each. They had some jelly rolls and layer cakes for 16.00, but I made a priority decision (and I didn't want to burn my whole allowance on unplanned for precuts) and didn't purchase them.I bought 6 Whimsy, 3 Snippets (a line I've been wanting for a long while), and 2 12 days of Christmas to go with the 1 I already own. Oh, and then there are the two Kona charm packs in the bright range, but they came from a different shop. I'm actually really excited to go through my stash, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow!

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