Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And More

So I'm not much for titles. Really. Even when I write creatively, I hate making a title. Anyway! Back to playing catch up!

The days I have been waiting for are finally upon me. My daughter is finally old enough to participate in some group classes. This will finally enable her to meet and play with other children. Unfortunately, all her cousins live far away and there are like NO parks in my town. We do have a lovely library system, though. They hold several little groups for children (e.g. story time). The last two weeks we've been attending the groups twice a week. Since she responded so well, I registered her in an art class through the rec center.

Now I've been meaning to make her an art smock since before Christmas. Never happened. Now I had a reason thus a fire under me ;) I already had the materials, so it just took a little time. I used pieces from the County Faire range by Denyse Schmidt. I used these same fabrics to make an art smock for my niece, Lyra. My daughter thinks it's a dress. She's also not a very good model, but I'm glad that she loves it!

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