Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I finally received my preorder for Far Far Away III yesterday. It came in a small envelope and I was almost afraid to open it. Why afraid? I had preordered the Snow White print in yellow--a half yard of it. There has been some issue with the scale of this print. Namely due to the fact that you cannot get an honestly usable fat quarter (unless all you want is Dwarves). It has been said that to really enjoy the print you need a full yard. I did not order a full yard, but then I also preordered before this was a known issue. I also ordered the flower print in blue. I admit to holding my breath while I opened the envelope like it was some award show. It was honestly a surprise since i would not know what I got until I, well, looked.

You can imagine my joy when I saw all nice and whole in the center:
And then all around at the outlying areas:
There is another Tree house at the opposite side of the yardage, but it doesn't have the full clothes line (only about half) and the 2nd tree. Which I think is fine since it will still be a nice fussy cut since it does have the full house section. Though, there is a partial at the top of the yardage that I think is a loss except for being able to fussy cut the clothes line.

There's also another Snow White on the left hand selvedge BUT she's largely unusable because half her face is gone. It is a nice one to use to fussy cut the animals around her (the skunks mostly). Oh, and another group of Dwarves at the bottom of the cut that is also very usable. Overall, I'm very happy with my half yard! Oh! I can't forget my little favorites:
I love these guys! I have two owls, but only one squirrel. I love the weight of this fabric much more than FFA 2. FFA 2 was a medium weight canvas (which I understand some of FFA 3 is as well) that I find kind of unyielding. I didn't photograph the blue wildflowers, but they are also very lovely and are the same weight as the Snow White print.

Now I just need to get some of the other wildflower colors and possibly some girls with horses (on the fence on this). Maybe swap for some clotheslines. I wonder if it's worth it to buy another half yard of Snow White but in pink? I'll have to think on it!

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