Sunday, July 10, 2011

True Story

I decided to update my banner, and I used a true story as an inspiration. I took the girl to Joann's list last May and there were two cutters and a" line" (I use that loosely since everyone just kind of mobs at the front until their number comes up) that stretched back into the surrounding aisles. I was there waiting to get the fabric cut for over a half hour (I gave up checking after the 30 min mark) with my girl crying for the last five minutes or so of it (I wasn't timing, but when a child is crying it always feels like forever). When I got home, I went to add the fabric to my stash, and none of the cuts were straight. I don't think I've ever gotten fabric from the actual Joann's store that was cut straight. It's always crooked and is dramatically narrower at one point. This is why I rarely get fabric there--maybe 2-3 times a year. That's about as many times a year as the DH can stand to be in the place so I can get notions. Naturally, I try and grab some AH novelty whenever I'm there, too. My Joann's never gets the designer FQs that everyone else seems to get. As much as I hate to pay shipping (though flat shipping is a great thing!); I hate shopping at Joann's more.

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