Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting In Order

The thing about vacation is that invariably you need recoup time afterward. A vacation from your vacation before you climb back into the saddle of life. At least that is true for me ;) 6 days later and I am ready to tackle it. Well, that is almost true. I did manage to mail 2 swaps the other day, and that is something!

This morning I made 2 new mosaics for the 3x6 bee. After this quarter I should have enough blocks to make my lap quilt top. I also pulled fabrics for do. Good stitches. Red is the theme color this month. I was a little afraid, but I actually had more red in my stash than I remembered!
I decided to use a few splashes of green to accent the red. There is also a little bit of pink or pink-like colors in the Andalucia floral and Farmer's Market apple prints. I'm going to use a mix of orange-red and the more blue based darker reds and hopefully that will give it some tonal depth and interest. I'm really excited to start this. I hope to today, but that might not be in the cards. There is always tomorrow ;)

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