Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gearing Up!

My quiet July is winding down. I've done next-to-no sewing aside from my contribution to do.Good for the month. I wanted to quilt two of my WIPs (my Supah Fresh and Amelia quilts both have batting, backing, and binding. I just need to actually put it all together), but found I needed thread. As I have mentioned before, the DH abhors Joann's. I had one thing working in my favor--a card of 40% off coupons and a desperate need to upgrade my rotary mat (which I've mentioned before).

My poor, poor mat is in awful shape. It's done a good job--but it looks like some poor refugee that found a forgotten land mine. Frankly, it's embarrassing when I take pictures and forget to move it out of the way. My daughter colored all over it and there's all sorts of deep scars on it with fabric bits and batting stuck in the grooves. And it's also a half inch too small all-around for the standard virtual bee block size (12.5 unfinished).

And then there's my favorite ruler with one side all dinged up from my blades nicking it.

Generally speaking, I seriously needed new notions. And as you might guess, I finally convinced the DH to take me shopping! I replaced my mat with a nice 18x24" one that's roomy enough for all my day-to-day sewing needs. And a new 3x18" clear ruler. And thread.

But then I got home and forgot that I needed new shears since certain persons think that it doesn't matter what they use them on (*cough*even though I have fabric tied to one loop and have said they are ONLY for fabric *cough*). Even so, I think I'm ready for the next round of Bees (3x6 and NuBee are both starting on the 1st) plus do.Good. Just in case I am biting off more than I can chew (in 2 hives for the 3x6) I'm probably going to sit out of the ALFALC swap for August. It seems only sensible~ I don't want to disappoint anyone by being stretched too thin.

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