Thursday, August 5, 2010


My daughter's new favorite game is to pretend she is an airplane. She puts her arms out and ZOOMS around (saying zoom, naturally.) But midway through, she changes gears and yells BUTTERFLY, and starts flapping her arms and skipping (well, as well as she can. She's not even two yet). Or she likes to put her arm up and yell, 'ready, set, GO!' which means Mommy needs to run around zooming like an airplane. Fun stuff, and it keeps my heartrate up ;D

I can't help but cherish all these little things. I think what makes it more poignant right now is the new collaborative quilting project I joined today. It was inspired by the Trudy quilt (which so far is completely awesome, btw. Lucia et al did a wonderful job), but is benefiting a 4 year old girl. It's being called Rosemarie's Cancer Killin' Quilt. The colors are purple and pink, so I need to rummage through my stash. I *know* I have these colors. Maybe not a bunch of purple, but the pink doth overflow. The group coordinator has two block styles, cross/plus and box-in-box. I think I'm going to make one of each (ideally, anyway).

The mail never fails to disappoint, though I fear I have 3 more packages and then no more for a while. I went CRAZY insane with my buying this last month :x Darn those sales and my little budget.

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