Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summing it Up

It's been a busy week for me. For starters, my girl doesn't have Lyme's Disease! That was a relief. The health dept sent us a letter letting us know that the tick wasn't a carrier. I also had another dentist appointment, a cleaning this time. Oi. I'm going to be living at the dentist it seems like. I still need the rest of my wisdom teeth pulled and a couple of fillings. I received some packages, but only one I can share. The rest were for swaps (i'm still anxiously waiting for my first swap package to be received by my partner.). I couldn't resist. 2.50-3.00 a yard and the magazine was only 2.69! I actually had much more in my virtual cart. I had to prune it down to keep myself from going over budget (again).Today we went to Arthur Avenue, Little Italy in the Bronx. It was my first time there, but everyone else I went with goes there frequently to shop. It was fun, and I feel like I gained ten pounds ;DThis place had DELICIOUS canolis and eclairs. I wanted to go back and get more. Not to mention some other yummies there in the cabinet. I think I had something to eat at nearly every shop we went (the green grocer, cheese shop, bakery, pastry shop, etcetc. So many specialty places!). I hope we go again soon ;D

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