Friday, August 13, 2010

Laundry's Hidden Secrets

Well, they aren't exactly hidden, unless was in plain sight. I didn't realize my personal color story until today. The last three days I've been doing laundry, but putting it aside instead of folding it. It's been so hot, the idea of folding hot clothes is ick. And I've been running the dryer late at night to try and negate the heating factor. But, you know, laundry doesn't just fold itself. After it was all said and done, I looked at the lopsided stacks of folded garments and realized something.

There are colors people say they like, but the ones they REALLY like are in their clothes. My laundry was a medley of purples, candy pink, oranges, and aqua/teal with the occasional slash of dark chocolate brown or khaki. I very rarely buy purple fabric to create with, but I surround myself with it in other ways. Weird. But now I want to make something purple and orange with bold slashes of candy pink and spots of aqua. Kind of an ode to who I am RIGHT NOW.

I was disappointed today that my UPS package was delayed. I've been fretting over my FQ swap. It's such a delicate balance--giving enough but not overdoing it so that your partner feels bad. But I think everyone secretly hopes they will get one of those overzealous partners that showers them unexpectedly. Sometimes, I think I want to be that person and rain down on someone tons of goodies, but then I have to wonder if I'm just trying to buy a friend. I'm trying to give what feels 'right'. I wish I had my package so I could finish this first swap up and send it off so I could stop thinking about it.

A balm for my anxious heart came in the regular mail. My swap with Jen for the Henry Alexander wedding fabrics :D Yay. I am very excited. I love the cakes. I think I will be using it the most. I want to experiment and use linen in this project. I'm kind of scared. I hear it handles differently than regular quilt weight fabric.
Jen's such a sweetheart. She included some scraps from another line by Heather Ross, and I went all squeally when I saw it. I think I may have even drooled. My hands are aching to do something with it, but I refuse to be impulsive. The line is OOP, and I doubt I'll ever get any more of it. For now it will just have to sit in my stash box.

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