Friday, August 27, 2010

One Down

And one to go! My swap partner received her package, and now I don't have to worry about ruining her surprise ;D I made her a little sewing trinket, nothing major. It's really hard to judge what you should make someone, but they do encourage you to. I had a few scraps from various projects that were aching to be something more than clutter, so it all worked out! It helped that I knew that she liked Heather Ross (but who doesn't, right?)

The image is a little dark, but it was night time and my lighting is only so-so. It was scheduled for the mail the next morning, so I took what I could get ;D As you can see there are little bits of Whimsy (Moda), Flutterby (Moda), and Mendocino (Freespirit). I really liked how it turned out (I almost kept it for myself ;D). It finished up roughly 3.25" square. I dunno, I just really like dainty things, so I made it small. I know other pin cushions are more like 6 inches or so. I hope it's a serviceable size.

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