Monday, August 9, 2010


Today was just one of those days ;D Not bad, but not great. We had a few errands to run, but they weren't straight forward. First we had to go to the health dept to drop off a tick we'd found on my daughter this last Friday. They do free testing for Lyme if they find human blood in the ugly thing (and I do mean ugly! We had it in a ziploc and could admire it's...unique appearance). The other errands were just tedious. It didn't help that it was hot, or that I'm worried about my girl having Lyme.

I was glad to have some neato stuff in the mail when it was all over--even more Tula~!I wish I could find more of the bunnies. I'm not a huge fan of the owls, so I don't mind that I only have the purple ones (well after my swap with Lucia). I actually really like the salmon, so I am looking forward to purchasing the last 3 colors of that (blue, pink, & aqua).

In other news, I received my partner info for one of the swaps I'm in! I'm so excited. Our tastes are incredibly similar :D I hope this rocks as much as I think it's going to. I'm still waiting for my partner assignment from the other swap. I'll probably get it tomorrow. Until then, I keep going through my stash trying to figure out what I can be separated with. I'm sure you all sympathize with how hard that is ;D

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