Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Project!

I totally needed to make something today. My Muse had been withering from lack of use. I looked at the PILE of projects I have and after skillfully avoiding the ones I *should* do, I settled on finally making this quilted messenger bag. It's called 'On the Go' and is a free pattern from Robert Kaufman. I bought the fabrics for this project ages ago. I chose Andalucia by Patty Young for Michael Miller.
See the zipper there? I'm gonna try and make a zippered pocket (there's not one in the pattern, but I need one). I actually own several prints from this range. I fell hard for it earlier this year and was tickled to find it on clearance for 3.50 a yard. Naturally, my fabric math being what it is, I over purchased! (happens to everyone, I'm sure ;D)
My original intention was to make the whole body and flap with the brown and pink floral and all the lining the red/orange fabric with the espresso pod dot as the strap. I discovered today that it was just way too busy a print to have it all over, so I changed it a little. I also wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt the bag. In the end, I decided to do something simple and just highlight the flowers.I actually really like how it looks this way. I just wished the lighting in my house was better! As you can see, I already have the binding on the flap. Now I just have to finish sewing it on (I'm doing it by hand like I would a quilt. I'm probably near to half way done with the bag construction. I still need to assemble the lining, open pocket, and (hopefully) a zippered pocket. If I'm lucky, I might have this bag done by Tuesday! That would make me very happy ;D

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