Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Long Day

I went to the dentist today. A new dentist. I had not one appointment, but two. One at 11 to get a full set of films, and another at 3 for the actual work (byebye wisdom teeth!). My mouth kills right now, but I guess there was only so long I could escape that particular torture. Knowing I had to go to the dentist today sort of soured my morning in a twist of anticipation and frustration. I'm just glad this stage is over. I still have to go back in two weeks for a cleaning--which luckily is nothing like getting my teeth yanked out ;D

I had two packages that needed to hit the mail this morning, which meant I had to finish Rosemarie's block, and stuff my envelope for my swap with Jen. I need more hours in my morning ;D My little girl wasn't being too helpful with all I had planned. While I got them packed up, they wont mail until Monday. Boo.I don't know how sold I am on the block I made. I like it, but there are things I wish I'd done differently (like pay attention more to crucial details!). I wish I'd rotated the orientation of the top right block. I hope Rosemarie likes it, since that's what really matters. And while I wasn't able to get this into the mail, mail on the other hand, managed to reach me just fine.More Tula! It's enough to make anyone's heart sing. Though, with the arrival of this package, I know there is only one left coming. It will probably be here Monday (well outside of swaps, that is ;D) My Full Moon Forest collection is nearly complete. I have 21 prints from the range, with another 13 that I need to purchase (if I want something from every print). I've been going after it pretty single minded for the last month and a half. There are only 8 more prints that I can actually buy right now. The harder prints will be just that--harder to find! If I'm lucky I'll be able to swap for them.

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