Saturday, September 18, 2010


I haven't finished my week 3 project yet. I need to hand sew a few elements, and that has held me back. We had guests all day yesterday. By the time I had the opportunity to sew, I was plum tuckered out and went to sleep. I haven't started my binding yet, either, but I know that's because I don't have my backing fabric yet--so no pressing interest in completing it. In effort to control my wild fabric frenzy, I've tried to narrow my next month's shopping list to needs with only a few wants. I'm putting my foot down (so to speak). If it's not somewhere on this list, I am not buying it in October (yes, have to be firm with myself!)

  • Swell: assorted prints
  • Hushabye: lime owls
  • Hello Betty: backing fabric (3 yards)
  • Whimsy: assorted prints, maybe a charm pack (I really do love this range)
  • Pop Garden: assorted prints
  • Meadowsweet 1&2: assorted prints
  • Nest: branches in assorted colors
  • Sweet: Jelly Roll

I can't believe September is nearly over. Time has truly flown for me. Wednesday my nephew has surgery and his throat. I hope everything goes well. He's only 5 and so it might be more traumatic for him. I know I'll be on pins until he's home and in recovery.

I decided to revisit another neglected hobby--stitchery/needlework. I embroider my quilt tags, but that's the most I've done with this medium in AGES. My swap partner sent me a book that completely rekindled my interest. I think I'll try my hand at it again and see how it goes.

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