Thursday, September 9, 2010

Plodding Along

Okay, so Tuesday was a complete wash. I just didn't feel up to starting the assembly on my quilt top. Yesterday was better. I assembled all but two columns. The pattern comes together very quickly. I really like that. It's a real simple configuration but has the minimalist sophistication of a modern arrangement. Today, I finished the last two columns and sewed them all together (mostly). I made two 4-column blocks. I just need to marry the two together (one seam!) and my top is done! Yay :D I still, however, need to buy backing AND I need to sew the binding. Since I actually have fabric for the binding, I think I'll do that next ;D Probably after I finish the quilt top tomorrow morning.

I went out most of this afternoon on errands. I managed to stop by Jo-Ann's and actually found some yardage I like. I usually can't find anything there. The funny thing is I went there for a replacement rotary blade. They didn't have one, which was disappointing. Walking out with three quarter yard cuts certainly made up for it. One was Alexander Henry's all over lemon pattern, I can't remember the name. Another was some random dot pattern in bright cheerful colors. The last was from Happi by Dena (which is Dena Designs I'm taking since a few of the patterns Jo-Ann's had featured designs from Monaco). I would post pictures but dead camera battery. Maybe tomorrow if I remember to charge it.

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