Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wrapping Up Week 5 (and NaSewMo!)

I have been terribly busy this last week! I went to a few faires and the beach, and spent time with my family. I really did believe that I wouldn't get a single thing sewn this week. I just couldn't fail this close to the end! So I managed to whip together a crayon/pad book for my upcoming flight next week.
I really super messed up the seam on the bottom. I mean YIKES. But by the time I'd realized it I'd already closed my seam and had top-stitched like almost all the way around. I wish I'd bothered to put some fuse in this project. I *thought* I didn't need it, but I did. Live and learn. really, this project was a disaster from the moment I started it. My head just wasn't in the right place to be sewing. I stitched my pocket for the note pad completely closed TWICE, and made a dozen other silly errors.

I did make the notebook to fit this project (I used some thin cardboard for a backer from a movie-theater sized box of m&ms). I used staples because I'm not brave enough to try to sew through cardboard and 30 sheets of paper yet. Besides, it's just a little something to distract Dulcie. I had wanted to make a full quiet book for her, but maybe next time. Oh! I also managed to make the binding for my Lawn Chair quilt! Yay for me :D
I'm glad to have it done, but this has made me seriously reconsider how I feel about jelly rolls. They aren't that precise. I've found through this project that I am more consistent when I cut my strips than the dies are, LOL! More than half of my jelly roll had 'v'd strips, which is really disappointing when you consider the cost of JR is anywhere from 40 to 20 dollars depending on the age (and desirability) of the range. For a while, I was switching from charm packs and layer cakes to jelly rolls because a lot of the patterns I like are made with strips. If I can do a better job cutting than Moda's stamps can, I might as well just buy a bunch of quarter yard cuts and do it myself. Sure I might not have the pattern diversity, but at least I'll have some consistency and precision.

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