Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 4 [con] - NSM

I could have easily sat on the laurels from finishing my tissue pack cover, but that's just not my style (at least this week ;D). It seemed an awful shame that I have so many yards of delicious fabric that I never get to see since it's in storage containers under my bed. I decided to do something about that! So last night I pulled some fabrics--some Sandi Henderson (Meadowsweet & Farmer's Market), Michael Miller, and Kona cotton. Oh, yeah, and some Tula Pink ladybugs.
I decided I wanted a new wallet, something small for my upcoming trip to Alabama. With that in mind, I sorted through various tutorials, but eventually settled on this one from Lola Nova, the Summer Wallet. I made a few changes to suit my own tastes (and the size of fabric I had available).
All-in-all, this was an easy to put together project. I made it this morning while my daughter watched Handy Manny and Jungle Junction. This project also reminded me that my weakness when it comes to construction is 'attention to detail'. I change measurements and elements mid-way through and forget to go back and make the REST of the project match. I'm sure I'm not the only one with that flaw. I need to make a big sign (or maybe a sampler ;D) to hang by the sewing machine to remind me, lol. Maybe that will even be my New Year's resolution!

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