Friday, September 17, 2010


I am in need of some craft self-discovery. I am drawn to many crafts, and have worked with my hands for years. I am forever trying to find the craft that really makes my heart sing. The one my creativity can pour through like a lightning rod, and become grounded in reality and not just the amoebic make believe in my mind. I can feel it right at the surface, and it's really fighting for realization. I just got kind of distracted and wandered down a path of entropy in which I became obsessed with OOP fabrics. I mean, really, I would never cut into some of these. They are swapping investments, and that's no real way to pursue a creative outlet. The money I spent on acquiring these antiquities could have been invested in fabric I would feel confident using (and not be eaten alive by guilt doing so).

Is quilting my *thing*? I've wanted to do it for nearly 10 years before I made my first block. I never had opportunity (or the resources) until now. I've only made 4 quilts in the year and 4 months I've been sewing on my borrowed machine--does that a quilter make? I see some of my peers who are churning out projects like they are possessed by rabid muses.

Heck, it took almost this whole year for me to not balk at fabric that cost 10 dollars a yard. The very first time I went fabric shopping with my Mother and she gave me cart blanche, I bought THREE fat quarters at 1.85 each and I thought that was an ungodly amount at the time (and I passed on so many things that I would give my front teeth for now). I would only shop online at shops that sold .25 or less cuts. I still have the bare essentials in the way of notions because the cost of some of these things boggle my mind.

So, is quilting really my thing?

I don't know.

But I know that I have an addiction to fabric. One that may need a serious intervention.

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