Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wrapping Up Week 2 - NSM

I really didn't think I'd manage to complete a project this week, especially with the time I devoted to my Lawn Chair quilt top. To make matters worse (well not worse, just lazier, I guess.) my binding didn't get finished either. But, I was determined. Mostly, leading up to today, I couldn't think of a small project for something I needed. You know, something not frivolous? I would think of something, and almost immediately cross it off the list once I challenged myself to find a purpose for the item. I just couldn't let it end that way! No, there had to be something--and there was!

I have a ton of loose needles. They are pinned here and there on folded bits of scrap fabric. I don't have a pin cushion (been meaning to make one), and I had been fancying a needle book. I did a little search this evening, and found a darling one called The Little Letter Needle Book that I found on the blog, Em ay kay ee {make}. OMG so undeniably cute AND practical. Not to mention incredibly easy and quick, too. Just the kind of project I needed since I was down to the wire.

Now that I had a pattern, I had to wrestle with the next most difficult task--deciding on fabric. After a few false starts, I ended up with some West Hill designed by Heather Ross and some white yardage (either muslin or kona cotton. I can't tell. I want to say Kona.) For my contrasting color I selected medium pink thread and felt (English Rose from National Nonwoven).
Admittedly, it is not my neatest work. I had the rest of my wisdom teeth pulled today. Pain killers + Sewing= Interesting experience. Regardless of those little handmade quirks, I am completely in love with this needle book. I'm glad I made it, and I can see making one for a swap partner in the future :D

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