Friday, September 3, 2010

Week One - NSM

I'm taking my National Sewing Month ambitions seriously, and to prove it to myself, I finished my first project! Yay for me :D I decided to make a poochie bag for my daughter since she liked the first one I made so much (I made one for a swap). She really likes Dora the Explorer, so I went on the search for some yardage and found some at Wal-mart. Not my preferred place to buy fabric, but I take what I can get! I decided to purchase the coordinates there, too.
I really wish these fabrics were of higher quality, but to be fair, the whole project cost 4.47. That's not a lot. The fat quarters are like tissue, and practically dissolved when I cut them. Not to mention they were both a full inch short which made the project problematic once I removed the selvage. I had to rework it a little, but I managed to get something going--until I mis-cut my main fabric! I had to cobble something together as you can see.I made it a lining piece since the yellow wasn't going to be large enough, and I had a half yard of the Dora (the pattern called for 3 FQs - main body, lining, handles). The yellow became the handles and the bag pockets. The bag has the 2" pooch to make the bag a little roomer and shorter. I'm tickled that I finished it the same day I started, in just a few hours (my girl went out with her grandparents so I had uninterrupted sewing time).She was asleep when she came home, so she hasn't seen it yet. I can't wait for her to see it! She was running around with the fabric before she left chanting, "my Dora," so I'm taking that as a promising sign, but we'll see :D

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