Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wrapping Up Week 4 - NSM

I don't know how I managed it, but I squeezed in one last project for the week! I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm going out of town for a spell. I usually take my Nintendo DSLite to entertain me and the girl when we fly (the Lite is backwards compatible to GBA games and movies). I thought this time it would be nice to have a little pouch for it. Again, I started with some fabrics I've been longing to use. In this case, Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market and a little bit of Kona cotton in Olive.
I wasn't sure how I wanted to use the fabric (body, lining, and flap arrangement), and I know this is a pretty safe assortment, so it was kind of hard to go terribly wrong in that department. I decided to wing it on the design and ended up with this:
I have some wobbly seams in this piece, too. And OMGosh, I totally sewed the cartridge pocket on *slightly* crooked. The last seam (the body-to-lining joining one) had to be sewn by hand because the case was too small for my machine. I accidentally made my allowance too large (and had a wild stitch or two) so it turned out shorter than I had originally planned. The fit is also quite snug. It's satisfactory (and attractive) enough for my use, but if I ever wanted to write all the steps down; I'd make it a little larger. Not much, maybe a half inch. I didn't make a space for the charge cable because I pack that in my luggage, and the DS comes with me on the airplane. I just really wanted something that would keep my games and player all together instead of rolling around in the bottom of my baby bag (like it usually does).

My guy came in while I was making it. Bless him, he asked me if I was depressed because I was sewing so much. As he put it, I was making a bag for this and a pouch for that, and that surely, my soul must be hurting to do *that* much sewing. I had to laugh and let him know I was actually quite happy. How can I not be happy--it's National Sewing Month! But I didn't tell him that last part. Or that I'm using it (now) as therapy to stay on my Fabric Fast (which he hasn't realized I'm on yet. I can't believe he hasn't noticed the lack of packages in the mail!). I'm fine with him thinking I'm just feeling particularly crafty lately ;D

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