Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Keeping Pace

A belated Labor Day to all. I had tons of fun, myself. We went to a lobster bake and the weather was perfect for it. My girl had a great time running around and being generally silly. I was so stuffed I only ate the claws off my lobster, so I brought it home to turn into mac and cheese (not something I've tried before, but how often does a person have lobster just lying around?). I even managed to do a bit of sewing yesterday.

In fact, I finished sewing all the 3-strip sections! I decided to go with the original pattern directions, and removed the extra column. It turns out that I have a piece of batting that is the PERFECT dimensions to be used with the original specs. Now the only thing I actually have to buy for the whole project is the backing! This is a first. Usually I'm missing over half of the things I need, so this is very refreshing. Today I subcut all the fabric and worked on the lay out. It's amazing how much time just arranging the fabric takes up!
I usually lose my place when I sew the columns together, so I numbered them this time. Hopefully, this will help me keep my original placement. I mean it *should*, but I have to allow for me being ditzy ;D I hope to get a few of these sewn together this evening. If I keep going like I have been, I think I could finish the quilt top by Thursday, but since I have no backing; I need to think of another small project that I can actually finish before the week ends. I've been thinking of a zippered bag to match my messenger bag, which would be cool and functional. I don't want to sew something just for the sake of it. If I start doing that, I won't know where to store all the brickabrack when I'm done (omg, don't get me started on my lack of storage space!).

Overall, this pattern (lawn chair quilt) has been fast, easy, and fun! Just the sort of thing I look for in a project :D If any of you have the time, and inclination, you should try your hand at it, too.

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