Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 4 - NSM

After I finished making the Lawn Chair quilt top, I was mildly surprised at the amount of scraps it produced. Some sections were large, and worthy of being saved--in fact most were.
I wanted to find a project to utilize the above pictured. I think I will eventually make a postage stamp quilt (or something similar). A few pieces, however, were destined this morning to become a tissue package cover. You know, those purse-sized ones? I thought it would be cute to look a little patchwork-ish, and I was totally right, lol ;D
I took 3 of my larger scraps (they measured close to 6.5 inch square, but had selvage on one edge or had uneven length edges with selvage) and orientated them so that the Bella snow strips were on the top and bottom. I trimmed a half inch from the top and bottom to make the snow-colored sections equal in length and so that the finished size would be 5.5 inches. I then cut the width to be 3.5 inches wide, discarding the selvage edge. I selected two rectangles for the top, and folded the fabric under a little less than half the width (x2) and over lapped the folded edge a little (so that it became the same width as the remaining rectangle) and pinned together. I then put the right side of the remaining rectangle and the pinned top together and sewed together--voila! Easy and fast. I totally luff it.

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